5 Traits Of A Successful Business Broker (2024)

In business, there is time to sell and buy. Selling your property is, at times, tedious, especially when you’re new in the corporate world. However, some businesses decide to go alone; they end up contacting brokerage firms that charge them outrageously for unworthy services. For this reason, working with a business intermediary or broker becomes necessary to propel your exit process and strategy. Finding a genuine broker is never a walk in the park and is one of the deciding factors in selling a business. There are valuable traits to consider that make a broker trustworthy, successful, and reliable to help you sell your business without hassle. Here are the 5 Traits Of A Successful Business Broker.

Relationship oriented

Forming and maintaining relationships are complementary traits of successful business brokers. Enhancing trust amongst clients creates a future market; therefore, important in securing business brokers listing. Reliable and trustable business brokers resonate with business owners in a more in-depth understanding, level and form outstanding solid relationships that potentially hasten deals faster than ever. The more a broker is relationship-oriented, the more the business connections boom in helping their clients find the right buyers. Good reputations ideally are essential in the networking community and assist the negotiation of acquisition.

Persistent, Resilient, and Motivated

When intending to secure a better price for your business property, indubitably, you must find a relationship-oriented and highly motivated broker during their entire process. Continuous service and reliability are the primary focus of brokerage firms. The role of keeping tabs on the deal and linking the buyer and the seller is what makes the intermediary job. If buyers pull out in the middle of the process, successful business brokers will continue marketing your business persistently and find new buyers. However, pitfalls occur, and they only delay the process; therefore, working with a resilient, motivated, and persistent broker is essential to seal the deal.

Patient and Understanding

Patience in business brokerage is paramount and a virtue to get the deal done indomitably. At times, selling a business deal may take longer than expected, and rushing to meet the deadline is not the best alternative. Deals prolong from 3-9 months to close officially. As such, working with the broker that helps you through the valuation process, taking time to look for potential buyers, and being patient with due diligence assuredly gives real peace of mind.

Knowledgeable about valuing the business correctly

Successful brokers must have a rich understanding and background of all financial and legal aspects relating to business brokerage to help iron everything out during the acquisition process.Besides, brokers must have a real estate license as the business includes real estate sales. Successful brokers must be professional and dedicated to valuations and marketing. This will help them deliver proficiently in finding and selling property.

Honesty and stringent adherence to ethics are essential. Selling a business involves big money, and fraudulent brokers will devalue a business to make more profits. Successful and ethical business brokers will value the business correctly without overpricing or undervaluing. When selling your business, consider discussing with the prospective broker on valuation and reach a merited agreement. Good brokers will analyze the business's financial status by checking the accounting information. They will let you know the business strengths and weaknesses and the reasons behind their price quotation.


When listing a business, confidentiality is a crucial aspect. Letting outside parties and employees know that the business is on auction before the deal closed is the worst and last thing that can happen to a business. As such, brokers a business intends to work with must have high secrecy levels to keep information relating to a business. Besides, connections made to potential buyers must be closely monitored to ensure no information is leaking. They must ensure a non-disclosure agreement is reached and signed before revealing the business location, employees, name, and other essential business details.

In general,Selling a Businessis a thorough process that requires patience, takes time and energy. Choosing the right broker to help you get the right buyer is essential to secure the highest price without the hassle. To find the right broker is, at times, difficult as some are fraudulent. Knowledge of what makes a successful broker, therefore, becomes necessary. We hope you know now the 5 Traits Of A Successful Business Broker. Before choosing your prospective broker, consider asking for references from friends and workmates for direction. Research online for reviews and give a red flag to those with negative reviews. Above all, patience, understanding, trustworthiness, relationship-oriented, resilience, and motivation are essential virtues of successful brokers.

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5 Traits Of A Successful Business Broker (2024)


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