Can my hubitat hub work without being connected to router (2024)

Can my hubitat hub work without being connected to router - 🛎️ Get Help - Hubitat
Can my hubitat hub work without being connected to router (1)


Can my hubitat hub work without being connected to router (2024)


Can my hubitat hub work without being connected to router? ›

Once the set-up is completed (devices added and rules built) it can function independently. However, a network connection is required in order to access the hub from a nearby device.

Does Hubitat require WiFi? ›

Official subreddit for Hubitat Elevation, home automation platform that is 100% local, reliable, doesn't require dedicated internet, supports zigbee, z-wave and lan / cloud devices.

Can you use Hubitat remotely? ›

You can securely administer all your Hubitat Elevation hubs with an optional monthly subscription to Remote Admin.

What is the difference between a router and a hub? ›

Router transfers data in the form of packet. Hub transmits data in the form of electric signals or bits. Router is very sophisticated device and widely used. Hub is simply primitive type of device and is not generally used.

Do you need a hub to connect a network to the internet? ›

Which Device to Use? To construct a wired local area network with no access to the outside world, a switch is the appropriate choice. Switches are better suited for this function than hubs. For setting up a home network that will connect to the Internet, use a router or a modem with a built-in router.

Does Hubitat work offline? ›

Hubitat Elevation is a powerful device capable of controlling Z-Wave and Zigbee devices without a network or internet connection. Registration is not required but initial set-up requires a network connection in order to be able to interact with the hub from another device connected to the same network.

Does Hubitat work with Bluetooth? ›

Hubitat Bluetooth presence detection. This app allows for reporting to Hubitat the proximity of Bluetooth devices (called from here on "BT device(s)") to a specific device (called from here on "the BT scanner"), via virtual presence devices in Hubitat.

How much is Hubitat remote access? ›

Did you know that remote control of your devices comes free with every hub?

Is there a monthly fee for Hubitat? ›

While it works quite well without a subscription, Hubitat offers two premium service plans: A $3-per-month plan enables remote administration and rule writing from anywhere you have an internet connection.

What is the maximum number of devices for Hubitat? ›

Do more devices slow things down? Wondering if I should install multiple hubitats and connect via hubconnect? Only limit is 32 directly connected Zigbee devices (you easily get around this with repeaters) or 232 Z-Wave devices (a limit of Z-Wave itself). No app limits.

Do you need a router if you have Wi-Fi? ›

Do I Need a Modem and a Router? If you wish to use WiFi or connect numerous devices, you'll need both a modem and a router. You can only connect one computer at a time because most modems only have one LAN Ethernet connector, but a modem won't provide the same level of protection as a router.

How does a hub connect to a router? ›

Connect the hub to the router using an Ethernet cable

Connect an Ethernet cable from the WAN port to the Ethernet port of the internet modem to an available LAN port on the router, switch, or hub of the current network.

Which is better hub switch or router? ›

Hubs are not smart gadgets because they pass on everything obtained on one connection to all other connections. A Switch is a smart and wise device as it gives a message to a specific device by scanning the address. Routers are basically tiny computers that accomplish a variety of intelligent jobs.

Why is a hub becoming obsolete? ›

Unlike switches or routers, network hubs have no routing capabilities and simply broadcast all information to multiple ports. Because of how the network hubs function, they present serious performance and security issues. As a result, hubs are now largely obsolete, having been replaced by network switches.

Can I use my phone as a Wi-Fi hub? ›

Tap Settings, then Personal Hotspot. Tap Allow Others to Join, and then tap Wi-Fi Password to change the password for your shared network. Connect your computer to your phone's internet—you can choose to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, or USB.

How does a hub connect to the internet? ›

A hub network is composed of one or more hubs (central connection points) and all other connected devices. Each device on the network is connected directly to the hub, which acts as a central point for data transmission.

Does Hubitat c7 have Wi-Fi? ›

This unit does not have wifi not a USB wifi connected.

Do you have to be on Wi-Fi to screen mirror? ›

Bluetooth: Some devices support screen mirroring over Bluetooth connections. You might need to open the WiFi option but don't need to connect one. Mobile-to-Mobile: Certain smartphones enable screen mirroring between devices using Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, also no actual WiFi connection is required.

Do Wi-Fi light switches work without Wi-Fi? ›

Smart light switches will still work without Wi-Fi, but their advanced features won't be available. You'll only be able to switch the lights on and off, as with a regular light switch. However, with Wi-Fi, you can access a range of features such as scheduling, dimming, and voice control.

Can I screencast without Wi-Fi? ›

The most common way to cast a phone's screen to a TV without WiFi is to use a hardwired connection, such as an HDMI cable.


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