What Is the Success Rate of a Financial Advisor? (2024)

A financial advisor’s success is defined by three main components: their excellent service and performance helping clients grow wealth, their professional reputation to attract and maintain clients, and their ongoing education and awareness of finance and market conditions.

How many financial advisors achieve all three and make it in this industry? And how can you hire a net worth advisor that will improve your financial standing and grow your wealth? With the insights from this blog, you’ll be better-positioned to achieve the benefits of hiring a financial advisor you can trust and rely on.

What Percentage of Financial Advisors are Successful?

80-90% of financial advisors fail and close their firm within the first three years of business. This means only 10-20% of financial advisors are ultimately successful. What drives this high rate of churn? According to Hendrick de Vries in an article for Advisor Perspectives, a steep learning curve, lack of industry knowledge, and the challenges of building clientele without much experience tend to compound.

As someone looking to hire a financial advisor, those challenges might resonate with you. Especially for high net worth individuals and high earners who want to grow their wealth, it’s important to feel confident and comfortable that the person you hire can achieve your goals. You don’t want to put your own financial future at risk so someone else can grow their experience.

Who Is the Most Successful Financial Advisor?

The top financial advisors and net worth managers is a topic that is often debated. The individual or firm who is top of the market for one sector, like small business, might not be top for another demographic, like retirement or estate planning. High net worth individuals need their own unique services and insights from a financial advisor.

Overall, a successful financial advisor can be identified by their habits, which lead to excellent outcomes for their clients.

Habits Of Successful Financial Advisors

Tell Stories to Present Solutions: A financial advisor who will be successful for you has worked through similar problems to the ones you are facing. They should be able to present you with multiple solutions and share anecdotes about how these have worked in the past. That doesn’t mean these stories have to have a happy ending, but you should be able to tell what the advisor learned and how the approach for your situation will be similar or different.

Asks Questions to Understand Your Needs: Though you may be hiring a financial advisor for one need, like net worth management or small business support, your finances extend beyond that one situation. As a result, your advisor should ask strategic questions to get a sense of your full needs and goals. Then, they can present unique opportunities like private real estate, tax planning, and alternative investments to move the needle the right way in every aspect of your finances.

Continuous Monitoring and Frequent Communication: Outside your conversations with the financial advisor, they should also have a habit of continually monitoring your portfolio. This approach should extend beyond just the performance of your investments to include the advisor’s analysis of market conditions and what is coming in the next weeks and months. This enables a proactive approach to seize opportunities to protect and grow your net worth. Of course, all this thinking and strategy should be supported by frequent communication between you and the advisor.

These habits are some of the ones that have led us to success at Delta Wealth Advisors. We focus our services on business owners and executives to serve you with the best possible net worth advice, tailored for your needs and life circ*mstances.

Trust Delta Wealth Advisors

Delta Wealth Advisors, and the Delta Wealth Accounting team brings over 200 years of combined experience to work for each of our clients. Our deep financial knowledge in areas like taxation, investments, portfolio management, impact investment, communication, and more add up to explosive net worth growth for many of our clients. For high earners seeking to grow their net worth, we offer the Trailblazer Path so we can work with you for years to come.

Your personal finances are more than just the total dollars you have in investments. That’s why a services contract with us also includes hours for tax preparation and planning with our team of in-house Certified Public Accountants. Simply put, it’s our mission to do all we can to remove the obstacles between you and your financial goals. If you’re looking for a net worth advisor that will put you first, we’d love to meet with you. Schedule a call so we can get to know you and put our experience to work for you.

What Is the Success Rate of a Financial Advisor? (2024)


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