Which Tarot Cards Represent Capricorn? | Astrology Answers (2024)

  • Iberia Tor
Which Tarot Cards Represent Capricorn? | Astrology Answers (1)

It’s Capricorn season and what does this mean for many of us?

Well, let’s take a look at Capricorn qualities first of all. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign and so embodies the characteristics and attributes related to earthy matters.

Capricorn is particularly known for its resourcefulness, discipline and practicality. Many people, even watery characters who are known for veering more into the ethereal plane than the physical one, will feel the effects of Capricorn. If Capricorn features anywhere in your birth chart, you will know what I mean!

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Mars in Capricorn, for example, will usually denote someone who is willing to wait a long time to yield results. This is irrespective of other signs in their chart. They will be patient in their endeavours and keep their sights firmly set on the goal in their minds. Mars is energy and drive, so when it is paired with Capricorn, this energy becomes long-lasting and slow-burning like a candle that burns for three days at a time, as opposed to one which randomly blows itself out as soon as you pop it into your Himalayan Salt candle holder.

But what role does Capricorn play in the Tarot cards?

Capricorn in the Major Arcana: The Devil

Many of you may be surprised to learn that the card in the main Major Arcana that corresponds with Capricorn is The Devil.

In a way, this can be taken as a good thing for your average Capricorn who has earned a rather unfair reputation among zodiac signs as being the dull, boring stuck-in-the-mud person who lacks, say, the ethereal creativity of Pisces or the sociable genius of Gemini.

The Devil is one of the most intriguing cards of the Major Arcana and even one of the most feared. It’s not hard to see why. It usually depicts a naked man and woman bound by chains to a grinning beast with two horns. Not the most pleasant of images.

But the Devil represents temptation, lust and giving in to that ‘wild side’ which many people repress in their daily lives. It represents the temptations of the physical world which are oh so naughty but nice, and usually leave you ending up with feelings of regret if you cave in to them.

Likewise, Capricorn, while being a sign driven by success and ambition, also has a side to them which correlates with The Devil. Much is expected from a Capricorn, most of all by themselves – to succeed, to have status, to be the epitome of ambition. This is in direct conflict with their other side, their devilish side which whispers almost subconsciously for them to just throw away their responsibilities, to just ‘do whatever they feel like doing’ and to hell with status, success and all that jazz.

This is why you will find so many Sun in Capricorns feeling very un-Capricorn. Many struggle with responsibility and prefer not to acquire it; on the other hand, Capricorn can also be about loosening the chains that others – or themselves – have placed on their bodies. Like the two figures in The Devil card who are chained to the devilish goat, they can feel trapped and restricted in their positions and social status.

But as with the two figures who, if you look closely will see that the chains are not that tight and they can break free whenever they wish, Capricorn also has a choice. Do they remain trapped and bound in situations that make them unhappy? Or do they break free?

So, like The Devil card, Capricorn is often faced with a choice throughout their lives and much of it is to do with breaking free from social or personal obligation and exploring a side to themselves which is often buried or repressed.

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Capricorn in the Minor Arcana: King of Pentacles

In the secondary Minor Arcana, Capricorn is represented by the King of Pentacles.

Earth signs correlate with the suit of pentacles in the Tarot. While we can say that Capricorn is also similar to the Page, Knight and Queen of Pentacles, it is the King who is closest to this Earth sign.

The King of Pentacles is the master of his suit. He represents the hard-working and determined sign of Capricorn, the slow and steady individual who is willing to work hard for years in order to achieve his goal. The King of Pentacles, like Capricorn, is someone who understands the power and benefits of focus. He is not easily-distracted like a Wand or driven by his emotions like a Cup. He is, instead, someone who understands that slow and steady wins the race. The Page, Knight and Queen still have some lessons to learn in relation to mastering this work ethic and dogged determination, which does not only apply to himself, but to his entire kingdom.

We could say that the King of Pentacles is like the evolved Capricorn who has mastered the skill of hard work and perseverance and who understands that in order to succeed, one must be willing to put in the effort.

Where Have the Capricorn Cards Shown Up in Your Reading?

As we continue into this Capricorn season, we can enjoy harnessing the Capricorn qualities of discipline, reason and hard work. At the same time, we can find a way to temper our own ‘devilish’ side with these qualities. Once we find a way to do so, we may find success on levels that we previously may not have even imagined.

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Which Tarot Cards Represent Capricorn? | Astrology Answers (2024)


What is the tarot card for Capricorn? ›

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, is represented by The Devil card. Despite its name, this card isn't about evil but rather the balance between indulgence and diligence. The card depicts Pan, a playful figure, and two figures bound by loose chains, symbolizing personal responsibility for one's liberation.

How to tell zodiac signs with tarot cards? ›

  1. How to use tarot for personal growth based on your zodiac sign.
  2. Aries: The Emperor. The Emperor achieves his magnificent goals with grounded action, trusts himself and has full faith in the timing of his life. ...
  3. Taurus: The Hierophant. ...
  4. Gemini: The Lovers. ...
  5. Cancer: The Chariot. ...
  6. Leo: Strength. ...
  7. Virgo: The Hermit. ...
  8. Libra: Justice.
Jan 10, 2024

What Major Arcana tarot cards represent which zodiac signs? ›

These are the astrological signs associated with the major arcana tarot cards:
  • Aries - The Emperor. Aries like to be in positions of power and to take charge of situations. ...
  • Taurus - The Hierophant. ...
  • Gemini - The Lovers. ...
  • Cancer - The Chariot. ...
  • Leo - Strength. ...
  • Virgo - The Hermit. ...
  • Libra - Justice. ...
  • Scorpio - Death.
May 25, 2022

Who is Capricorn Rising? ›

Capricorn-rising individuals are born with Capricorn on their ascendant, making Saturn their ruling planet. Capricorn Rising Traits:Capricorn roses exude an aura of cool composure and maturity. They are characterized by their disciplined nature, strong work ethic, and sense of responsibility.

What symbol is lucky for Capricorn? ›

Capricorns hold onto their four-leaf clovers for dear life, because it has proven to be their lucky charm every single time, they were in a tough spot. Four-leaf clovers symbolise hope and prosperity and Capricorns, while are nature lovers, prefer to have beautiful things like these beside them at all times.

Which color is lucky for Capricorn? ›

Capricorn, practical and ambitious, dark green is the lucky color. Dark green symbolises success and stability, guiding Capricorn toward their goals with determination.

What are the zodiac signs in the world Tarot card? ›

According to astrological tradition the Lion is Leo—a fire sign, the Bull or calf is Taurus—an earth sign, the Man is Aquarius—an air sign, and the Eagle is Scorpio—a water sign. These signs are the four fixed signs and represent the classical four elements. In some decks the wreath is an ouroboros biting its own tail.

What zodiac signs represent karma? ›

Zodiac signs with karmic protection
  • Libra. “Libra is associated with fairness, equality, diplomacy and justice," Childress says. ...
  • Aquarius. "Although Aquarius is currently ruled by Uranus the sign was traditionally ruled by Daddy Karma himself; Saturn," Childress explains. ...
  • Capricorn.
Oct 11, 2023

How to find your tarot card based on your birthday? ›

Add the individual digits of your full birthdate together. If you were born on June 26, 1996, you'd add 0 + 6 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6, which gives you 39. Add the individual digits of your birthdate sum together to find your first birth card number. For example, 3 + 9 = 12, which makes the first card number 12.

What zodiac is the High Priestess Tarot card? ›

Astrological Associations of the High Priestess

The ancient connection between the High Priestess tarot card, the moon, and the zodiac sign Cancer reveals a powerful link between these celestial forces and the divine feminine energy embodied by the High Priestess.

What zodiac is the star in tarot? ›

In astrology, the Star card is associated with the planet Uranus and Aquarius zodiac sign.

What zodiac is King of Cups? ›

Refers to a man born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces (according to the western zodiac). Defines him the way he is — with his strengths and weaknesses, characteristics and individual qualities. In this situation, it is favorable for him to be himself.

What are the diseases of Capricorns? ›

Capricorn's bones, joints, and knees, however, may be vulnerable to rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, stiff joints, and orthopedic problems. Eat : Lack of calcium phosphate can cause rickets, misshapen bones, spinal curvature, teeth disorders, and pains in the joints.

Do Capricorns get better with age? ›

Interestingly, Capricorns are said to age backwards: they become increasingly youthful, optimistic, and playful as they mature.

What is Capricorn rising partner? ›

Capricorn Rising Compatibility

You also click with Capricorn Suns and Moons, plus other fire sign Suns and Moons, too. Similarly, you do well with water sign Risings (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio)—water and earth are what astrologers call "congenial elements," meaning they get along well.

What is Capricorn spirit power? ›

Capricorns are dynamic individuals who express a unique balance of confidence and humility: They have a grounded, practical spirit that makes people feel comfortable in their presence.

What is the God of Capricorn? ›

Capricornus represents the Greek god Pan who was often represented as partially being a goat. In order to escape the monster Typhon, Pan dived into a river and attempted to change himself into a fish.

What is a Capricorn spirit number? ›

The angel numbers for Capricorn are 444, 666, 888, and 1010. These numbers match the energy of Capricorn, and you will constantly see them in your life. They are numbers that the angels use to communicate with you.

What are Capricorns numbers? ›

Capricorn's luckiest number is 8. Seeing 8 in your daily life might be a sign that wealth and good fortune are in your future. 4 and 22 are lucky numbers for Capricorn's career. 4 can give you the motivation to work hard while 22 encourages you to take exciting risks.


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