Who is Wednesday's Boyfriend on the Netflix Series? (2024)

*Spoilers for Wednesday below!*

Ever since Wednesday dropped on Netflix (and quickly became the streamer's most-viewed series of all time), fans have fallen in love with the cast and its characters. In the Tim Burton-directed series, Jenna Ortega stars as the iconic Addams Family character who goes to a supernatural boarding school called Nevermore Academy. During her time there, she attempts to solve a murder mystery that took place 25 years before. She meets a few people who help her along the way, including her classmate, Xavier, and a barista named Tyler. That's when the otherwise emotionless Wednesday also finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between the two.

After binge-watching the show, you're probably wondering who Wednesday ends up with in the end. Here's what we know about Wednesday's boyfriend and how the rest of her love life pans out at the end of season one.

Who is Wednesday's boyfriend?

Wednesday has two love interests over the course of the Netflix series, but neither actually becomes her boyfriend.

Within her first week at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday reunites with Xavier Thorpe, who she actually knew from childhood. He's the ex-boyfriend of Nevermore's Queen Bee, Bianca Barclay, but becomes intrigued by Wednesday's presence at the school. Their dynamic doesn't really move into the romance department as she suspects he's a monster for most of season one.

Wednesday meets her other love interest Tyler Galpin at a coffee shop when she escapes her therapy appointment in Nevermore's neighboring town, Jericho. They quickly bond as he offers to help her skip town and shows her the "horror movie" Legally Blonde. Wednesday even kisses Tyler before she figures out he's the Hyde monster that had been committing murders at Nevermore Academy.

At the end of the season, Xavier gifts the tech-opposed Addams family member a cell phone to make sure she's safe after her epic battle. However, it's unclear who she ends up with.

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Who is Wednesday's Boyfriend on the Netflix Series? (2024)


Who is Wednesday's Boyfriend on the Netflix Series? ›

Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin

Who is Wednesday's boyfriend on Netflix? ›

Wednesday meets her other love interest Tyler Galpin at a coffee shop when she escapes her therapy appointment in Nevermore's neighboring town, Jericho. They quickly bond as he offers to help her skip town and shows her the "horror movie" Legally Blonde.

Who is Wednesday Addams love interest on Netflix? ›

Even though she had a grim view of personal relationships, the Netflix series led Wednesday down a romantic storyline with Tyler (Hunter Doohan), which transformed into a love triangle with Xavier (Percy Hynes White).

Who did Wednesday fall in love with? ›

Despite this, however, Tyler and Wednesday do have epic romantic chemistry, and if not for him being a villain, they may have had a happy ending.

Which boy does Wednesday end up with? ›

In one of the wise decisions concerning the love triangle, Wednesday does not end up with either guy. Enid is her best friend—they might hang out over break, and now she can focus on trying to solve another mystery.

Is Xavier in love with Wednesday? ›

At the start of the show, Wednesday and Xavier (who first met when they were young children) become acquaintances. Xavier has a big ol' crush on Wednesday, but Wednesday does not seem to reciprocate it at all. We soon find out that Wednesday's reservations about him also stem from her belief that he's the Hyde monster.

Do Wednesday and Lucas kiss? ›

He and Wednesday are seen kissing several times during the musical and are apparently very attracted to each other, somewhat mirroring the relationship of Gomez and Morticia.

Did Tyler ever actually like Wednesday? ›

Now, in an interview with EW, Doohan reveals whether Tyler ever harbored true feelings for Wednesday. He was blinded by his vengeance and what had happened to his mother, and therefore, the only thing he truly cared for was destroying Wednesday, the Addams Family, and Nevermore.

Are Wednesday and Tyler dating in real life? ›

In what comes as the biggest shock, Hunter Doohan, who stars as Wednesday's love interest, Tyler, is also happily married! The 28-year-old (skincare routine, please!) tied the knot to his partner, Fielder Jewett, in June of 2022.

Is Wednesday in love with Enid? ›

But by this point, the feelings Wednesday has for Enid are more powerful than the uncompromising beliefs she's held so staunchly to all season long. Wednesday might not show her love in a way that many other people do, but she has her moments, made all the more meaningful because of their rarity.

Who does Wednesday end up marrying? ›

She is in love with and engaged to Lucas Beineke.

Did Wednesday like Tyler or Xavier? ›

Tim Burton's Wednesday sets up a love triangle between Tyler, Xavier, and Wednesday Addams early in the series. While Wednesday seems to develop feelings for Tyler, she is more interested in solving the Jericho mystery than chasing boys.

Does Tyler know he's a hyde? ›

Laurel had plans to use Tyler's powerful Hyde form to gather body parts for a necromancy séance. Laurel used a plant chemical to brainwash Tyler slowly but surely to be able to mentally weaken him, eventually reveling to Tyler that he and his mother were Hydes.

Is Tyler bad in Wednesday? ›

Tyler Was Manipulated by Ms.

In the Wednesday Season 1 finale, it is revealed that Tyler was coerced and tormented by Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci) until his mind was corrupted to such an extent that he developed a taste for murder.

Does Wednesday blink? ›

Netflix's official account on Twitter revealed: “After trying one take where she didn't blink, Tim Burton was so enamoured with the result he told Jenna Ortega not to blink anymore when playing Wednesday. So she didn't.”


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